Autum & Grover Lionhead Adult - Adoption, Rescue for sale in Indianapolis, Indiana


Autumn and Grover a a bonded pair of lionhead rabbits that were rescued from an alley where they had been dumped.

Shortly after arriving at IndyCLAW, autumn gave birth to an adorable set of furkids.

After they were weened, and both Autumn and Grover were spayed and neutered, they were reunited.

they are litter box trained and were in a foster home where they were active and entertaining.

they are back at the shelter now and looking for their forever home.

All rabbits must have an adequate exercise area, a special room or an enclosed area inside the home. It is recommended that the rabbit have a condo or cage to go to as a safe place when it cannot be supervised. It needs to be cleaned out regularly to eliminate old hay, food pellets, etc.

Like the majority of rabbits, the most important component of the rabbit's diet is hay, a roughage that reduces the chance of blockages and malocclusion while providing indigestible fiber necessary to keep the gut moving. Grass hays such as timothy are generally preferred. It is recommended that rabbits receive a regular intake of

dark, green, leafy vegetables. Rabbits also require an unlimited amount of fresh water, usually provided for in a water crock, tip-proof ceramic pet dish, or hanging water bottle.

IndyCLAW Rescue is founded on the premise of Creating Life-long Animal Welfare. We do have an adoption contract and do home visits to ensure that this pet will be achieving a life-long home.

Their adoption fee is $100 for the pair.

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