BAMBI-Young & Eagerly Waiting for You Siberian Husky Young - Adoption, Rescue for sale in Indianapolis, Indiana



Virtually all of our dogs have online PHOTO ALBUMS through SmugMug with LOTS of additional pictures.

Just copy and paste the link below into your browser (or simply type it in) and then search for the dog's "gallery" by name


In addition to photo albums, almost every dog has a video which will give you a much better "feel" for his or her personality.


In the new Petfinder format, it has become quite a bit more difficult to find and to play videos.

Please PAGE THROUGH the photos, looking for a photo overlaid in the center with a "play" arrow inside a circle.

This icon is white, so it can be difficult to see.

In many (most) cases, the video is the last photo displayed as you page through.

Just click on that photo and it will play.

Please make sure you CHECK ON THE PETFINDER VIDEO ICON, above, to see a video of this wonderful dog!

Our videos will include, at a minimum, whatever info we had on the dog upon (or shortly after) his/her arrival into our program.

There will sometimes be video updates as well.

And in every case, our Adoptions Coordinator can be emailed at ADOPTASLEDDOG@AOL.COM to answer questions and provide the most current information we have on the dog.


Please see video or contact our Adoptions Coordinator at ADOPTASLEDDOG@AOL.COM.



Before adoption, all Northern Lights dogs (regardless of whether Petfinder's symbols appear) are spayed or neutered, microchipped, heartworm negative, fully vaccinated and tested/treated for known parasites.


Email us at ADOPTASLEDDOG@AOL.COM to request an application and get started.

WE DO NOT HAVE AN ONLINE APPLICATION - you will have to request one via email.

We will review your application to determine if there is a good fit between you and/or your family and this dog.

We may suggest another dog or dog(s) if we can offer a better fit in terms of lifestyle, experience, other pets, etc.

A vet check, reference checks, and a home visit will be conducted before an adoption can be considered for approval.


We are a nonprofit rescue organization comprised of individuals who open their private homes to foster dogs in need of a second chance..

When fosters are not available, we often pay to board a dog until space is available.

New fosters and donations to pay for boarding are always desperately needed us.

Email us at KATYLIED2@AOL.COM if you are interested in donating or for information on fostering.


For information regarding our organization, as well as adoption policies and practices, please visit our Petfinder Home Page at


In the vast majority of cases, the dogs in our program and rescued from shelters, and Northern Lights has no means by which to collect or verify a dog's history.

We work in concert with our veterinarians, and breed and age estimates are based on a combination of professional input and our collective experience.

Our policy with information acquired prior to acceptance and while the dogs are in our care is that of "full disclosure".

It is our goal to ensure the adopter has all available information to ensure the best possible match between the dog and the adopter(s).

If we have identified a behavioral or health condition while the dog is in our care and custody, every effort will be made to correct it prior to adoption, OR the adopter will be made aware of the issue or condition prior to adoption.

Northern Lights' screening process is designed to identify only those adopters who are willing, and have the means, to treat conditions which may occur after adoption, and the adopter will be contractually responsible for doing so. However, Northern Lights' policy is to accept any adopted dog back into the program, at any time, for any reason.

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