Dolly Lionhead Young - Adoption, Rescue for sale in Indianapolis, Indiana

Dolly is one of eight siblings that came to us from Frankfort, IN at about one month old.

They were an unexpected litter from a female they had taken in at the city park.

Merlin and Taz were boys and separated out to prevent more unexpected litters, leaving the six girls (Cupcake, Dolly, Elvira, Jade, Sadie, and Sassy) to live in the 'sorority house', a large two story Leith Petwerks Bunny Abode.

The girls were all spayed and remain together (which is great if someone wants to adopt two as they are already bonded).

Dolly is a black and white lionhead mix.

She's very attentive and active.

She is completely litter box trained.

She and her siblings have grown up on Oxbow Rabbit pellets (juvenile and then adult) and Small Pet Select timothy hay.

While out in the exercise pen, they run and jump and have a blast.

All rabbits must have an adequate exercise area, whether it is a supervised exercise pen or an area in the house. An earthenware food bowl and a heavy water bowl or drinking bottle will be required to feed and water the rabbit. The most important component of the rabbit's diet is hay, a roughage that reduces the chance of blockages and malocclusion while providing indigestible fiber necessary to keep the gut moving. Grass hays such as timothy are generally preferred.

Lastly, always remember that your bunny needs to have some type of rabbit approved wooden chew toy, so that they may wear down their teeth to help prevent malocclusion issues.

IndyCLAW Rescue is founded on the premise of 'Creating Life-long Animal Welfare'. We do have an adoption contract and do home visits to ensure that this pet will be achieving a life-long home. There is also an adoption fee. Each rabbit is spayed / neutered prior to adoption and the adoption fee only partially reimburses our expenses in preparing your new pet.

We do not ship our adoptable pets.

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