The sweetest PANDA cat - 4 years old ,neutered for sale in Indianapolis, Indiana

Male kitty was found in the vicinity of Banta Rd and Harding in March of 2014. We have been taking care of him since then. We gave many ads but the owner was never found. (We would love to keep him but have 3 other cats. They don't like him and bully him around).
The cat appears to be in good health. Alert, active, good appetite, playful. Likes soft music.
NO worms, NO fleas. neutered. Weighs -- 12 lbs. Doesn't like dogs.
No information about his previous vaccination or medical history.
We can only presume he received all major immunizations at his early age.
This is a cat, but looks like Panda and behaves like a dog. His name is Grey. He is around 4 y.o. He is sweet, smart, affectionate, grey with white, big eyes, tender, purrs a lot, LOVES TO BE HELD, not fixed, good character, easygoing, talkative and vocal, very social, well behaved, learns fast , very trainable, obedient, loves to be brushed, played with and cuddled.
Gets very attached to people and follows them around. He will make a great companion and friend.
Despite of his size, He is a Pushover. His soft character is disadvantage: he is easily bullied by other cats. He will flourish if he is the only pet. He loves to explore, sit on your lap and purr.
He: doesn't bite, doesn't chew or scratch furniture, loves soft music.
DOES NOT like dogs, NO fleas, NO worms, is afraid of screaming and loud voices.
He: uses litter box, has good appetite, tolerates warm bath, nail trimming, allows to be dressed for the day, loves to explore the house, play, be in the company of people, loves to be held and petted. He likes a warm bed and warm fleece blankets.
He needs a good, warm, loving and caring home with NO dogs, must be a strictly INDOOR cat.
NOT be declawed, and the owner who will love and cherish him.
This cat is very special and that is why he comes with a return guarantee: If for any reason you change your mind, you can bring him back at any time, or, we will come and pick him up.
He likes to eat "9 lives" and Friskies salmon pate dinner, tender chicken slices in gravy, liver and chicken pate, turkey and giblets, regular white chunks tuna in water, and Daisy or Breakstone sour cream. He also Purina premium chicken or salmon dry food, and Iams digestive dry food.
If you decide to neuter him, please do it in a couple month after adoption. He needs time to adjust to new owners, new home and surroundings before being exposed to such a stressful experience.
Only Serious and Dedicated pet lovers should apply for a guardianship position of this cat.
Thank you for your interest.

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