Kenmore Washer & Dryer Bundle for sale in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Kenmore 3.8 cu. ft. Top-Load High-Efficiency Washer & 7.0 cu. ft. Electric Dryer w/ SmartDry
$937.98 Bundle

$499.99 Each Prices

17160 Dragonfly Dr. Noblesville

Description Washer
Item # 000P Model # 25102

The Kenmore 25102 washer features the high-performing Triple Action impeller to provide a deep clean, 3-part wash motion while using less water. This triple action system includes a wash basket motion, an impeller action and a burst of concentrated detergent pumped through the wash plate.

The white Kenmore 2510 top-load washing machine uses 65% less water and 75% less energy, for over $180 per year in total savings.** It also includes the StainBoost option, which extends the wash time to hit stains hard, while still providing gentle care for your clothes. The stainless-steel wash basket is durable and has a smooth surface, which resists scratches and rust and helps prevent fabrics from snagging.

Cleans 18 towels at once***
Bulky cycle easily cleans larger items like comforters, down jackets or pillows
Deep Wash cycle controls the washer's water level, filling your washer with more water
2nd Rinse option effectively removes leftover detergent and bleach residue
Clean Washer cycle can help eliminate odors and keep the interior of your washer clean
Delicates cycle provides slow agitation for fabrics that need gentle care
800 RPM spin speed helps extract extra water from clothes
Cycle status lights provide feedback so you know when your cleaning cycle is complete

Description Dryer
Item # 000P Model # 65102
The Kenmore 65102 electric dryer features SmartDry Technology with a gentle, 2-point sensing system that automatically adjusts time to prevent over drying. This results in gentle fabric care. Cycle settings allow you to choose timed dry in 10-minute increments with 3 temperature settings, so you can select the best combination for each load.

This white Kenmore 6510 dryer features air-only temperature cycles that are gentle on delicate fabrics with up to 30 minutes of tumble time. And, the Wrinkle Guard option will tumble clothes periodically for up to 90 minutes to help prevent wrinkles from setting in.

Lint filter is mounted on top for easier cleaning
Powder-coat dryer drum creates a smooth surface for less friction and wear on clothes
The end-of-cycle signal lets you know when your cycle is over and your clothes are dry
A drum light illuminates the interior of your dryer so you can easily see your clothes

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